I have specialized with CBD oil since 2010 and have been blessed to assist thousands of people around the world. 


Through the years, similar questions have come up.


Below are answers to the most common questions I get asked.  If you have a question that is not addressed here, please email me at: and I will happily answer your question.


Be well!


CBD FARMER ~ I focus on you health, NOT your high.


What is CBD? 

A) This is a great question I can nerd out on all day.  CANNABIDIOL (CBD) is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid (compounds) found in the genus of Cannabis Sativa.   


While we may not make any claims of its efficacy, studies have shown it “could” be therapeutical for many conditions and ailments.  Since 2010, I have personally worked with thousands of people and have seen it work well on almost every condition I have come across.  For legal reasons I cannot elaborate but I can say with confidence, there are no known negative side effects, It is not addictive and it will NOT make you feel “high”.


A very important thing to keep in mind is not all CBD is created equally.  Many of the products you will find online are grown in China, India, Brazil and the EU.  There is no way to know if the products are clean or what growing methods the farmers use.  Personally, if I cannot speak directly to the farmer, I will not use any Cannabis products.


Below is a chart which breaks down the cannabinoids of Cannabis Sativa and how they “may” benefit different issues you may be experiencing.  Please keep in mind the FDA has not approved this chart.  

Are your plants organic?  Where are they grown?   

A) Due to genus of our CBD-rich Hemp plants being Cannabis Sativa, we are prevented from acquiring an “ORGANIC” certification.  


I can tell you, though, our plants are grown at close to 7,000 feet above sea level on self-sustained organic farms in the Colorado Rockies.  High elevation sunlight, organic mulch and organic compost teas (made from fermented wild-indigenous plant juices) are the only ingredients introduced to the plants during their life cycle.  Pesticides and synthetic growth enhancers are strictly forbidden.


Do you use pesticides or other chemicals on your plants?

A) NO!  Our self-sustained organic hemp farms adhere to the ORGANIC NATURAL FARMING process, which means pesticides and synthetic growth enhancers are strictly forbidden.


What are the ingredients you use in your products?  

A) Our whole plant CBD extracts are created by dropping organic ethanol to -40 degrees Celsius, which preserves all of the plants natural terpenes fats and compound lipids.  Once the extraction is complete, they are tested for potency at a state certified laboratory.

We have 2 base formulas from which to choose: 
1) Organic MCT oil derived from coconuts

2) Organic Cane Alcohol with Organic Raw Honey

 That is the extent of it.  We NEVER use any preservatives or artificial flavors.


Are your products tested by a laboratory for safety?

A) YES!  The plants and products are tested a total of 5 times by multiple independent state certified laboratories.  The testing process is as follows:

1) Prior to harvesting, the Colorado Department of Agriculture performs a dry-flower potency test to assure the plans have a THC potency level BELOW 0.3%.
2) After harvesting, we test the dried plant for potency, pesticides residuals and for the existence of mold/mildew.
3) At the completion of our whole plant organic ethanol extraction process, we have a potency test on our high CBD extract oil.
4) At this stage, the CBD extract oil is sent to another independent state certified lab to assure potency accuracy.
5) Finally, once all of the end-user products are made and bottled, they are batch tested to re-assure accuracy in potency labeling 

Laboratory tests are available upon request. 


What kind of products do you offer?

A) We offer tinctures, salves and suppository kits.

Is it true you need THC with CBD in order for it to be effective?

A) YES & NO! I get asked this question all of the time and in my professional opinion the answer is some people need THC and some people do not.


Our products contain the necessary amounts of THC (<0.3%) but not enough for the end user to feel it.  Our CBD:THC ratios range from 25:1 to 38:1.


Are our product levels of THC high enough for you? 

For most users, yes. 

Most Cannabis Sativa strains contain zero CBD and our strains contain close to zero THC.  If you find more THC is needed, I suggest finding a pure CBD product along with a pure THC product, and control your dose of each.


You see, if you purchase a product with more THC than you would like, there is no way to cut it down.  If you ingest just a little too much THC, you are going to have a rough 8 hours ahead of you and that will definitely negate the benefit of the CBD.  It will not make the CBD less effective, it will most likely make you extremely anxious and maybe a little paranoid.


This is extremely important for non-cannabis users.  If you decide you would like to introduce more THC than our products provide, I implore you to take extremely small doses until you figure out your perfect amount.  The problem you are going to find when it comes to dosing THC ingestion is it will “usually” require you to go too far at least two times.  After the second “bad trip” you will more than likely know how much NOT to take. 


The takeaway here is be careful and if you do take too much THC, do not panic.  Sit down, put your feet up, turn on relaxing music and close your eyes.  Feel comfort knowing once the “high” is gone you will be good as new.  


Can you recommend which one will be best for me?

A) YES!  I will be happy to recommend a product that will be right for you but we will first need to have a quick conversation to figure out which potency will best suit your condition.  Everyone’s body chemistry is different so there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to figuring out proper dosing.  Determining factors include: height, weight, diet and severity of your condition(s).